Online Resources

Full Length Internet Course Platforms
  • Open University’s Learning Space- A massive compilation of thousands of online courses that are available for free.


  • Inbound Marketing University- A free online school that teaches skills in marketing.

  • Coursera- Online courses

  • EdX- Online courses

  • Udacity- Online courses


  • NovoEd- Take online courses but then collaborate with your classmates from around the world.

  • FutureLearn- Online courses from many leading Universities.

  • iTunes U (for iOS)- A massive online database of textbooks and other learning supplement resources.

  • MIT Open Courseware- MIT’s online courses.

  • ClassCentral- Online course aggregator

  • Yale Open Courses- Online courses from the Yale

  • OpenEd Consortium- An organization that has created a network of open online courses.

  • Khan Academy- A series of various educational videos organized into courses.

  • Harvard Open Courses- Online courses from Harvard.
  • Code Academy- A free online school that teaches the basic’s of computer coding.

Open Education Resources (OER)

  • Subbable- A website that contains a compilation of high quality internet video channels. Contains videos that help visualize learning from everyday practical ideas to random interesting concepts.

  • This website tracks lists of the most watched Youtubers. Use it as a discovery tool for new online content. Click here for a list of the top educational channels.

  • TED- Ideas worth sharing. Watch some of the worlds most renowned and wise speakers and learn from the insight they have to share in hundreds of professional video lectures.

  • OER Commons- Online database of open teaching content.

  •  A network into the Open source community.

  • OpenStax- A collection of peer reviewed textbooks that cover a wide variety of topics

  • OpenResources- Open Church resources

Available Online Programs

  • Similar to Adobe Illustrator or Indesign except there is no charge. Build company logos, advertising posters, and various visual media to bring your business to the next level.

  • Google docs- Fundamental to all aspects of work and business google provides Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. On top of this online storage of files is provided allowing you do access your work on any device.

  • Skype- A computer and mobile device service that allows you to make phone calls to other Skype members anywhere in the world for free. For an extremely low rate you can also dial to phone numbers from around the world.

  • Gimp- Alternative to Photoshop
  • DropBox- Cloud based storage platform. Can be used to automatically back-up your data
  • Google Map Maker- Allows users to add to Google Maps


Business Resources

  • An online magazine that explores all aspects of a company.

  • Contains articles and information about all aspects of running your own business.  A link to check out is

  • A group funding website that allows individuals to pitch ideas which can then be supported by the funding of many others. Also serves as a great way to discover new innovative ideas.

  • A micro loan website where people in Liberia can apply to receive loans to start their business.

  • Fiverr- A website where individuals can open online “shops” that provide a simple service all for the base price of 5 USD. Examples include getting someone to build you a company logo or professionally write a small piece of writing.

  • Shortstack- An advertising website that allows you to build promotional contests and campaigns for your business. There is a cost.


News and Information Resources

  • Stay up to date with the financial world with this online magazine.

  • BBC- Expand your world view with news from around the world.

  • A resource that reports on the business orientated world of technology.

  • A major news broadcasting network

Trouble shooting

  • HP Learning Center- A free source that assists in trouble shooting technology issues.

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