Carter's pictureCarter J. Draper
Director of Information Technology

Carter serves as IT Director here at iLab. His interest and huge passion is in Free-Open Source Software, Internet  technologies and Mobile for international development. Before moving to iLab, Carter served in similar position at the Legislature of the Government of Liberia. With over eight years of working experience, he is contributing immensely in ensuring access to technology and it’s usability  reached every county within Liberia. An electronic engineer by profession, Carter earned his professional certifications in technology from India as well and the TechChange where he studied Mobile for International Development.





Luther D. Jeke
Director of Training

Luther Jeke is a Liberian and has worked in the ICT sector for more than six years. Before joining the iLab Liberia team, Luther worked for several ICT and business firms in Liberia, such as the Starz Institute of Technology, Genesis Technology and Management Group, and the International Bank of Liberia. He has a background in general Information and Communications Technologies, Computer Programming (Python, PHP), Web Development & Content Management Systems (HTML, CSS, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc) and Crisis Mapping Technologies (Ushahidi, Crowdmap, SwiftRiver, basic GIS).  He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Sociology with an emphasis on Economics. He is passionate about learning ICT tools and sharing what he has learned with other tech enthusiasts.  In November 2011, Luther represented iLab Liberia at the International Conference of Crisis Mappers in Geneva, Switzerland. In May 2013, he represented iLab at eLearning Africa 2013 – the 8th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education & Training in Windhoek, Namibia. In June 2013, he again represented iLab at the Google RISE (Roots in Science & Engineering) Awards Summit in London, UK.  When not working, Luther loves spending time with his family and doesn’t miss a football match if Manchester United is playing.



Sylvester B. Kanboh

Operations Manager

Sylvester is a Liberian and has worked in the International Non-Governmental sector for more than ten unbroken years in various support and programme positions to include Operations manager,office manager,administrator,field office coordinator,logistics manager,head of field office,regional logistics,finance and admin officer,logistics,finance and admin officer,logistics assistant and community mobilizer/social worker with INGOs like NRC,Child Fund,MSF France.

Before joining the iLab Liberia team on 8th October 2012, Sylvester worked for several INGOS in Liberia, in very strategy support related functions as you have seen above and is mentioned below in summary, but just to mention a few he worked for NRC in some very strategy positions to include Administrator at the main office in Monrovia with oversight responsibilities of overseeing all administrative, human resource and some logistical functions for the entire organization (this was an elevation and transfer from the field office to Monrovia) from January 2011 to October 1,2012 and previously as field office coordinator ,coordinating the entire operations of the field office in Nimba County from June 9,2009 to December 31,2010.With Child Fund Liberia he began from a community mobilizer/social worker, due to his hard work,honesty ,proactiveness,effectiveness and efficiency he was diligently and successful elevated to various strategy positions to include Logistics manager with oversight responsibilities of all logistical, administrative and procurement functions for the entire child fund Liberia, regional logistics, administrative and finance officer,head of field office,logistics,finance and admin officer etc ..



Teemu Ropponen
Country Director



Teemu Ropponen is the new Country Director of iLab Liberia and came to the country at the start of March, 2013. Before coming to Liberia, Teemu was working for the Ministry of Justice in Finland in the domains of e-democracy and open government. Teemu has nearly 15 years of years of experience in ICT ranging from mobile technology startups, IT corporations, to academic research and government – working particularly in the domains of mobile technologies, internet services and ICT innovations. Teemu has a Master’s of Science (Technology) in Computer Science and Engineering from the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland and is interested in the potential of ICTs to create more inclusive societies and to unleash the innovation potential in people and organizations. In Liberia, Teemu is astounded by new things and surprises every day and enjoys the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean to calm him down.



Anthony Kamah
Director of Logistics



Anthony was born in Liberia and fled to Guinea during Liberia’s civil war. Anthony completed high school in Mali and Guinea, and worked as a field officer for Guinea’s Plan International for three years. Upon returning to Liberia in 2006, Anthony relearned his home country by motorbike, then taxi and soon became one of the most popular drivers in Monrovia. Anthony served as iLab Liberia’s dedicated driver for 8 months before becoming the Office Manager in 2011, and most recently, Director of Logistics.  In his spare time, Anthony likes to go to the beach with his family and to spend time with his friends.





Kate Cummings


Kate Cummings is the co-founder and previously the Country Director of iLab Liberia. Kate worked with Ushahidi in Liberia from 2010 to 2012, training more than 30 NGOs, civil society coalitions and government institutions how to map incidents of conflict and peacebuilding activities, including incidents related to the 2011 presidential election. Before Liberia, Kate worked for Vital Voices in Kenya where she also served as a Peace Fellow for the Advocacy Project. Prior to working in international development, Kate split her time between Southeast Asia as a freelance photographer and Massachusetts teaching photography to at-risk girls.  In Liberia, Kate enjoyed boxing at Baby Joe’s House of Pain and a daily dose of kola nut. After returning to the US, she remains on the Board of Directors as Treasurer of iLab Liberia.




John Etherton


John Etherton is the co-founder lead technical consultant for iLab Liberia. Etherton lived in Liberia for three years starting in 2008. During that time he worked with Georgia Tech, the Clinton Foundation, Crisis Management International, and USAID. John is now based in Denver, USA and is the Managing Partner of Etherton Technologies, a consulting firm focused on software engineering for developing contexts.  In Liberia, John enjoys Jollof rice, surfing, motorcycling, mudding and discussing the finer points of traffic law with local authorities.





Allan Martell (Summer 2012)



Allan Martell interned at iLab Liberia, where he was responsible for teaching courses on programming and designing Digital Media projects. Prior to his time at iLab, Martell produced several video documentaries on water sustainability and sustainable agriculture, worked as a radio producer for Radio Balsamo and also as producer assistant for Radio YSUCA. He holds an M.S. in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and a B.A. in Social Communications from the Central American University (El Salvador). Martell dreams of using ICTs to promote development in impoverished and underprivileged communities around the world.




Shira Kaminsky (Fall 2012)



Shira Kaminsky worked at iLab to develop a course about branding and design for small businesses in the Monrovia area. Shira is pursuing a BS in mathematics at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She is the editor-in-chief of her university’s student newspaper, The Mass Media, and has experience in journalism and graphic design. This is Shira’s first visit to Liberia, and she loves it. She hopes to come back after graduating.



Zane Cochran (Summer 2013)


Zane interned at iLab in June of 2013 where he was responsible for teaching courses on Programming, Physical Computing and Photography. Zane is currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech studying human-centered computing and industrial design. His research focuses on physical computing and education technology. As a photographer, Cochran’s work has gained notoriety through his use of unique perspectives and lighting. Much of his work can be found in his several published books, featuring subjects such as Norwegian landscapes and Korean culture.With his technical and artistic skills, he creates interactive installations that have been featured throughout a number of exhibitions. Frequently, he is an invited speaker at technology and interactive media conferences, where he discusses issues such as new media, interactive computing and education. Previously, he graduated from the University of Texas and worked as the senior account executive at a public relations firm in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Jukka Heinonen (Feb 27 to March 25, 2014)



Jukka visited iLab from Feb 27 to March 25, 2014. He taught courses targeting especially web/mobile/software developers and entrepreneurs. Jukka Heinonen, from Finland  M.Sc. Technology, is a  Finnish software development professional with over 15 years of experience in software development, from startups to international  IT  corporations. He has been in teams developing software ranging from small bleeding edge proof-of-concept mobile applications to globally used software and systems. Tens of thousands of people have used software in which Jukka has been involved. His specialties include software project management, agile development methodologies, Scrum and mobile applications and systems.