This page contains activities covered under the LITR project. Links to workshops and other events related to the LITR project can be found here as well as link to the general project photo GALLERY

Workshop 1. February 14, 2015(Theme: “Stimulating the minds of innovators”)C:\Users\William R. Dennis II\Downloads\COLOR LOGO.jpg

This was the Pilot program of the LITR project. After months of rigorous planning, the project was finally ready to be unveiled.

To view the report  of the first LITR workshop, click HERE


Workshop 2.  March 21, 2015 (Theme: “Mapping business ideas to IT solutions”)

The second workshop was no different from the first with respects to innovation, collaboration, interaction and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.The report for the second workshop can be viewed HERE


  Girls in ICT Day April 23, 2015  (Expanding | Changing | Inspiring Girls)

As the international Girls in ICT Day came around, iLab Liberia thought it wise to host an events for girls and young women pursuing ICT and also to present platform for others to get inspired and have a broader insight into the world of ICT. The program brought together dignitaries from the Ministry of Post  and Telecommunications (MOPT), Liberia Telecommunications Authority, as well as participants from various ICT institutions.

Report for the event can be found HERE


There also on overview of the posted on the official ITU EVENTS PAGE

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