Online and Open Source Resources

  • Google Map Maker - Allows users to add to Google Maps
  • DropBox - Cloud based storage platform. Can be used to automatically back-up your data
  • Gimp - Alternative to Photoshop
  • Skype - Voice chat and make phone calls over the internet
  • Ubuntu – A Linux operating system that is relatively easy to use

Monrovia Google Map

To add, edit or review Monrovia, Liberia Google Map, click the link below:

Click to map Monrovia

 Mastering the Internet for High Schools Kids

Below are links for materials covered in Mastering the Internet training.

Welcome to the Web
Internet 101
The Webwise Online Course
Learn the Net
Social Networks

Physical Computing

These are materials from the Physical Computing course.

Introduction - Introduction to Physical Computing by Zane Cochran.

Foam Core Guide - Fabrication labs: Working with Foam Core to make objects.

Soldering Guide - Guide to using Soldering iron in labs

Imaginary Expressive Object - Understanding expressive objects

Interaction - Understanding interactions between hardware and software

Construction Methods - Methods used in fabrications

 Google I/O 2013 Extended

Presentations – Google I/O 2013 at iLab