Awesome ladies in Python 2!

After one month of dedicated training, the second class for the ladies in python has come to an end. They took part in the intro to python programming where basically the basics in python language where taught them. We had the slow learners and the fast learners; and we ensured they came to the lab outside training sessions to enable us put them through the ones they find difficult. The training started off with 15 ladies in attendance but a few of them didn’t make it to the last lap and that was quite challenging to us. Nine persons were certified with outstanding performance and will continue to the intermediate python programming class.

Our appreciation goes to the Google RISE awards…

The ladies with their certificates



Ladies in ICT- Social Media

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

As more and more young Liberians log on and use social media, technology is becoming an important source of change in the country, Liberia has seen an explosion in the use of online and mobile technology, particularly social media platforms like Facebook.

Much of the criticism of social media are about its exclusiveness as most sites do not allow the transfer of information from one to another, disparity of information available, issues with trustworthiness and reliability of information presented, concentration, ownership of media content, and the meaning of interactions created by social media. However, it is also argued that social media has positive effects such as allowing the democratization of the internet while also allowing individuals to advertise themselves and form friendships.

Most people associate social media with positive outcomes, yet this is not always the case. Due to the increase in social media websites, there seems to be a positive correlation between the usage of such media with cyber bullying, online sexual predators and the decrease in face-to-face interactions. Social media may expose children to images of alcohol, tobacco, and sexual behavior.

At ILab Liberia we are presently training 15 ladies on social media, discussing how individuals and small organisations can use social media to promote equality and good community relations. The various social media sites used  for the training at iLab are: Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. and Google+ It will run for five days, 2 hours each day.

Information for Girls/Certification evening.

An interactive evening with the Ladies in ICT on the 3rd day of July with over 30 beautiful ladies in attendance… they were introduced to the courses (Python Programming for girls, Social media for change, ICT for small business and lots more) that will be offered in this month of July. We got feedback from the ladies on how we could serve them better and they are eager to learn; Database Management, Web Designing, Computer Hardware, and Networking. I’m glad they yearn to be in the IT sector..:)

Information evening with the Ladies.

Certificates were also awarded to those that completed and performed well in some of the courses (“Mastering the Internet” and “Python Programming for Girls”) offered in the month of June so as to encourage the others.

The Ladies with their certificates

Awesome Ladies in Python class!

The Python Programming class begins on the 5th June 2013 with 14 participants (instead of 15). The class kicked off with an introduction from the instructor Zane Cochran, an intern from New Georgia Tech University, the staff of iLab was introduced as well. I introduced myself as the training assistant, I act as a point of contact with the Ladies on any issue(s) they have in class or after class. The participants introduced themselves finally using various adjectives like; eloquent, jovial, classy, et al to describe themselves…indeed they were!

They all created their blogs so as to write about their progress in the python class. You can click on this link to check them out:

Wow! Our ladies are awesome… ‘Never say you can’t till you’ve given it a try’.



Google RISE program – “Girls in ICT”

iLab’s Girls in ICT program

  • Is meant mainly for girls in high school or those who have recently left high school/starting university.
  • Is free to participants.
  • You can take one or more courses.
  • Lasts June- August.
  • Even has an international element to it – with Ugandan, Kenyan and South African collaboration!

The different trainings offered are:

  • Mastering the Internet.
  • Introduction to Social media.
  • Introduction to Python Programming.
  • Intermediate Python Programming.


The ICT for girls at iLab started with a two days ICT Careers workshop with over 40 (forty) beautiful ladies in attendance. Two representatives from Google (Roxanna and Nana) were there to speak to the ladies and you know what?…. the ladies were indeed motivated. .

iLab helps bridge the divide between Liberian women in ICT

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are fast accelerating productivity across the globe. The ICT sector not only drives innovation, but fuels competition through job creation. Understanding the Internet and having proper access to it are therefore crucial for the growth of the Liberian economy, particularly for the professional development of its women.


With the help of iLab’s ICT for Girls (ICT4G) Mastering the Internet course, which is exclusively for women and girls as young as high-school aged, Liberian females are now learning about the Internet, various search techniques, and exploring how to use the web to solve real, everyday problems.


The training is a week-long course that introduces its participants to the wonders of the Internet as an educational and research tool, and it encourages women to explore what they are passionate about. In the past few months, iLab has taught more than three(3) ICT4G trainings with over 60 participants.


We at iLab know that Liberian women are significantly under-represented across the board in ICT-from education and training programs to the higher level careers in the sector. The shortage of ICT-oriented women also impact future generation significantly.


This course serve as a stepping stone to encourage Liberian women to learn about the Internet and its many ingredients as they gain more exposure to the opportunities before them in the field of ICT.


Luther D. Jeke

Training Director